Short week

Discover the uncharted beauty of Southwest Sardinia

Explore the most beautiful villages of Sulcis-Iglesiente, such as Carloforte, Sant’Antioco, Calasetta, Buggerru, Portoscuso, or Tratalia. Take part in events with a long Sardinian tradition, such as the Marriage of Mauritano in Santadi or the rituals of Holy Week in Iglesias. Alternatively, savor typical products of Sulcis-Iglesiente during festivals that involve the entire community, like the Girotonno in Carloforte or the Artichoke Festival in Masainas. Whether you want to plan a weekend or two or three days during the week, here you’ll find the best to see and experience.

Ideas for the weekend during
Sud Ovest Sardegna

Gift yourself the perfect vacation in Sulcis-Iglesiente, even if just for a few days: with travel tips, you can combine the beauty of a stroll along breathtaking coastal views, a tasting of local products in the warmth of a traditional festival, and a visit to the mines, silent witnesses of an ancient era, to immerse yourself completely in local culture.

Weekend in Southwest Sardinia