Beaches and islands

The wonders of the Southwestern Sardinian coast

200 km of Mediterranean coastline, the mistral ruffling the waves, and the Mediterranean scrub embracing cliffs that drop steeply into the Caribbean-like water. Sulcis-Iglesiente reveals itself through hidden coves and pristine landscapes, offering you an authentic oasis of relaxation and fun.

From golden sandy beaches with dunes to wild and enchanted coves and rocky cliffs surrounded by pine forests scented with Aleppo pines and junipers. On these beaches, waves break with shades ranging from emerald green to deep blue, as the beach of Porto Pino (Sant’Anna Arresi). In addition to visiting the coast, you can discover the two main islands of the Sulcis archipelago: the wonderful Island of Sant’Antioco and that of San Pietro, with its Tabarchin culture.

Here, the embrace of nature is constant, allowing you to live a unique and authentic experience. If you desire a relaxing vacation, let yourself be rocked by a cruise along the coast; if you seek excitement, you can experience the charm of diving or fishing tourism. Here, everything is possible, safely and with the best services at your disposal.

Southwestern Sardinia awaits you to experience an unforgettable marine adventure. Discover with us the beauty and hospitality of this splendid land, where every moment is an invitation to explore and discover.

Beaches and islands
southwest sardinia

Is Solinas, Cala Domestica, Portixeddu, Portopaglietto are some of the most iconic beaches where you can relax or experience the most intense adventures in southwestern Sardinia. You can get to know ancient communities with a long tradition, observe panoramas kissed by the colors of the sunset for hours, or immerse yourself in crystalline waters among colorful fish. Each beach, each cliff, each rock has an authentic story to tell.
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Heavenly Beaches of Southwest Sardinia