A corner of history, charm, and a mix of flavors

The history of Carloforte is steeped in charm and mystery. This captivating village, with only six thousand inhabitants and one of the most beautiful in Italy, is located on the Island of San Pietro and has its roots in distant Tunisia. A group of Genoese exiles from Tabarka landed in 1738 in search of a new place to call home, and these families found refuge in the crystal-clear waters of the Island of San Pietro.
This is how Carloforte was born, taking its name from King Carlo Emanuele III of Savoy.

Monument to Carlo Emanuele III - Carloforte Southwest Sardinia
La bobba beach - Carloforte Southwest Sardinia

Carloforte is a destination that will leave you speechless. Its white sandy beaches, like the famous La Bobba Beach, overlook a crystal-clear sea embellished by the two sea stacks Le Colonne, creating a postcard-perfect landscape. The charming historic center of Carloforte is a labyrinth of cobbled streets, dotted with colorful houses and picturesque boutiques. Every corner of this place is steeped in history and tradition, and strolling through its streets is an unforgettable experience. It is worth visiting between May and June for Girotonno, the gastronomic event that pays homage to the famous tuna, and in April for the festival of cus cus tabarkino.