Gem nestled between the sea and the mountains

Fluminimaggiore is located in Iglesiente, in the southwest of Sardinia, between majestic mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. This locality is famous for its extraordinary natural beauty, including the renowned Su Mannau Caves. This place is a paradise for nature lovers and explorers.

Su Mannu Caves - Fluminimaggiore in Southwest Sardinia
Temple of Antas - Fluminimaggiore Southwest Sardinia

The Su Mannau Caves are one of the most extraordinary natural treasures of Fluminimaggiore. Stalactite and stalagmite formations create breathtaking scenes, while underground lakes contribute to creating a magical atmosphere. As you walk along the path, you will be surrounded by the grandeur of nature, with rock walls rising hundreds of meters. Exploring the Su Mannau Caves is an unforgettable experience for anyone visiting Fluminimaggiore, and they are connected to the Temple of Antas, of Nuragic origin, spanning the Carthaginian and Hellenistic periods to the Roman era. On the coast, don’t miss the wonderful beaches of Portixeddu with natural pools and golden sand.