Village between blues music and industrial archaeology

Narcao is a charming village in lower Sulcis, offering visitors a unique experience with history, culture, and music.

The mining village of Rosas, an authentic example of industrial archaeology, has transformed into a stimulating tourist attraction for Narcao. This site reveals the history of lead, copper, and zinc mines that shaped the territory for many years. Today, it is a fascinating open-air park-museum, immersed in an untouched landscape that is part of the Geomineral Park of Sardinia.

The territory of Narcao, characterized by suggestive mountains with a peculiar “jar-shaped” form and caves, such as the cave of su Bacculu with its unique stalactites, offers a unique opportunity to explore the natural beauty of this land.

Narcao mining village Rosas in southwestern Sardinia
Narcao mining village blues music in southwestern Sardinia

Narcao is also famous for the Narcao Blues Festival, an annual music event held at the end of July. This festival attracts world-renowned performers and provides an extraordinary musical experience in the heart of Sardinia for over 30 years.