Where one of the oldest sanctuaries in Sardinia is located

This town holds an inheritance of great historical and cultural significance, with traces of prehistoric civilizations and industrial archaeology. Nuxis has a distinctive name that reveals a significant presence in this territory of walnut trees; in fact, it means “place of walnut trees”. In this area, there are about ten abandoned mines and two still active ones, Monte Tamara and Truba Niedda, containing precious materials like black marble.

Nuxis Southwest Sardinia
Sant'Elia Tattinu Church - Nuxis Southwest Sardinia

A must-visit is the paleochristian church of Sant’Elia di Tattinu: indeed, it is one of the oldest sanctuaries in Sardinia, located in the valley of the rio Tattinu. Here, the presence of worship rituals dates back a long time, as evidenced by the sacred well of Tattinu from the Nuragic period.

The Late Bronze Age is attested by various nuraghi scattered around the town. But the archaeological evidence of Nuxis doesn’t stop there: in the territory, there are also artifacts from the Neolithic period, such as the Monte Claro necropolis at s’Acqua Cadda and the domus de Janas at Is Pillonis and Pranedda.