Place of ancient flavors and traces of the past

Perdaxius, whose name originates from a Sardinian word meaning “rocky” or “rocky area” due to the presence of this material in the territory, is a lively community in Sulcis-Iglesiente.

Here, you can admire traces ranging from the Nuragic age with the archaeological site of Nuraghe Camboni and Monte S’Orcu to the Bronze Age at Moino de Perdaxius, where caves were used as tombs, and medieval times

Nuraghe Monte s'Orcu Perdaxius Southwest Sardinia
San Leonardo Church - Perdaxius Southwest Sardinia

Magnificent examples from this period include the Romanesque church of San Leonardo, dating back to the 13th century, recently restored and characterized by a bell tower with a sail, whose saint is traditionally celebrated on Pentecost, and the Benedictine Convent.

Among the historical and natural wonders in Perdariux, you can discover a distant tradition in agriculture and animal husbandry, leading to the creation and production of excellent local products, such as cheeses, wines (Carignano, Monica, and Cannonau), and bread, especially the egg bread made for Easter celebrations.

grapes of Carignano wine - Perdaxius Southwest Sardinia