Enchanting village of "tonnarotti"

Portoscuso, whose name in Catalan means “hidden port”, is a municipality on the coast and is a tourist destination that captivates with its natural richness and important archaeological sites. This coastal town, once a renowned village of tuna fishermen and coral workers, underwent a transformation in the 20th century, becoming a vital industrial hub. Today, it is indeed the port from which ferries depart.

The Tonnara di Su Pranu, located near the Spanish Tower, a sea lookout point, was built in the 17th century: it is a structure composed of accommodations for the “tonnarotti” (tuna fishermen) and warehouses, where tuna fishing is still practiced today.

The coastal territory of Portoscuso is a true marvel: not to be missed is the Caletta or Cala della Ghinghetta, accessed by a staircase, and Portopaleddu or Porto Paglietto, with its amber-white sand, and the wonderful cliffs overlooking the sea.

Definitely worth visiting during the renowned Tuna Festival in June, and in August for the Crab and Arusteddara Festival, a huge celebration that involves the whole town with barbecues of fresh fish.