San Giovanni Suergiu

Village between nuraghi and Giant's Tombs

San Giovanni Suergiu, nestled in the picturesque plain of Sulcis, stands out for its proximity to the enchanting lagoons of Sant’Antioco.
The village is divided into four main nuclei: San Giovanni, Palmas, Is Urigus, and Matzaccara, enriched by numerous other picturesque clusters.
Its name combines that of the patron saint with that of Suergiu, a village mentioned in the 13th century, Villa Suergiu.


In the heart of the historic center, you will find the evocative late-Romanesque remains of the old Church of San Giovanni Battista, dating back to the 14th century. This ancient building was the parish church until 1936 when it was replaced by the new Church of San Giovanni, erected in 1959. The facade of the latter is adorned with a charming mosaic created by the talented Filippo Figari.

San Giovanni Suergiu Southwest Sardinia
Archaeological Site in San Giovanni Suergiu - Southwest Sardinia

The area is rich in Nuragic artifacts, including the majestic Giant’s Tombs, sacred wells, three Nuragic complexes, and numerous single-tower nuraghi. Among the most significant structures are the nuraghi of is Meurras and the large complex of Craminalana, near which you can find the striking Giant’s Tombs.

Don’t miss visiting the village during the feast of the patron saint, celebrated on June 24th, and repeated at the end of August, offering the opportunity to savor traditional local sweets, including the delicious “piricchittus” and the tempting “pistoccus de crobi”.