Sant'Anna Arresi

The history of the town encapsulated in its name

In the heart of Sulcis, Sant’Anna Arresi is a locality that enchants with its authentic beauty and rich history. Its coasts are among the most beautiful on the island.

The beaches of Sant’Anna Arresi, bathed by the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean, offer unforgettable landscapes. Along the splendid Arresi coast, amid charming coves with pink sand, extensive almost desert-like beaches, and breathtaking views of the seabed, emerges the Caribbean paradise of Porto Pino, representing the “pearl” of the Mediterranean. It extends over a sandy stretch of four kilometers, divided into two parts known as the “first” and “second” beach, bordering the majestic and white dunes of Is Arenas Biancas, which are part of the territory of Teulada.

Porto Pino - Sant'Anna Arresi Southwest Sardinia
Nuraghe Sant'Anna Arresi Southwest Sardinia

But Sant’Anna Arresi is not just about the sea: its territory is enriched with archaeological and cultural evidence that tells ancient stories. The Nuraghe Arresi is located in the center of the square between the two churches dedicated to the patron saint, Sant’Anna. Around this nucleus, the town unfolds. The celebration of Sant’Anna reaches its peak towards the end of July when the town comes alive with a suggestive procession in which the inhabitants wear ancient traditional costumes, paying homage to the history and tradition that characterize this unique place.

Numerous other nuraghi and Giants’ Tombs stand as silent testimonies in the surrounding area, with the Coi Casu site standing out in particular. Every stone, every structure tells a millennia-old story, making this place not just a geographical location but a treasure imbued with history and culture.

“At the borders between Sardinia and jazz”, since 1986, is an unmissable event that takes place in September for music enthusiasts. This event sees the participation of artists from the international jazz scene. Before the event, in August, the fish festival is organized.