Where an imposing castle stands

Siliqua, a locality in Sulcis-Iglesiente, stands out for the imposing presence of a castle that dominates the valley of the Cixerri River, leaving an indelible mark on the history of the area.

This castle, with a medieval structure, has a very long and important history for the region. It was built by Ugolino della Gherardesca, the Count of Donoratico, who was the lord of the southwest of Sardinia. He acquired it in 1257, celebrated by Dante in the Divine Comedy, inheriting the title of lord of the southwest of Sardinia after the fall of the Judicate of Cagliari. After his death, the castle came under the control of Pisa, then the Aragonese, and changed feudal lords several times before finally being redeemed by the Savoy in 1785.

Siliqua Castle - Southwest Sardinia
Acquafredda castle - Siliqua Southwest Sardinia

From the top of the hill where the castle is located, you can admire a unique natural panorama over the Cixerri Valley. This site is, in fact, called “Domo Andesitico di Acquafredda” and, due to its historical and natural value, is recognized as a Natural Monument.

The territory of Siliqua hosts the largest WWF reserve in Italy, with almost four thousand hectares of forest. This area is characterized by dense vegetation, where holm oaks and cork oaks dominate the landscape, providing an ideal habitat for Sardinian deer and fallow deer.