A deserted village that comes back to life

Tratalias, a gem located in front of the Gulf of Palmas, where history and nature blend in a unique harmony. This charming village, rich in tradition and authenticity, is a magical place where silence reigns. In fact, it is far from any inhabited area and was abandoned in the 1980s when the artificial lake of Monte Pranu was created. Due to infiltrations that made the old village uninhabitable, a new town was built, and the residents moved there.

Immersed in an extraordinary landscape, Tratalias offers visitors the opportunity to explore untouched nature, amidst panoramas that extend to the horizon.

Mount Pranu lake - Tratalias Southwest Sardinia
Church of Santa Maria di Monserrato - Tratalias Southwest Sardinia

But Tratalias, despite being an abandoned village, is living history. Its cultural heritage is manifested in the Church of Santa Maria di Monserrato, a former cathedral, an extraordinary example of Romanesque style that is a must-visit for those wishing to immerse themselves in art and spirituality. Near the church is the museum of the Tratalias territory, to keep alive the cultural tradition of the town through folk and religious festivals, such as the procession on Ascension Sunday.

Gastronomy enthusiasts will be delighted by the authentic flavors of the local cuisine, where traditional dishes blend with fresh and genuine ingredients. Tratalias’ restaurants and trattorias offer a culinary journey through the flavors of Sulcis Iglesiente, accompanied by fine wines that tell the story of local vineyards, such as Carignano.

Nuraghe Cuccu - Tratalias Southwest Sardinia

Tratalias, with its authenticity and timeless beauty, invites you to experience a unique journey in the heart of Sardinia, especially in the nature of Monte Pranu Park, where Nuragic archaeological sites and Giants’ Tombs are also preserved.