Traces of a millennial past and historical heritage

Villaperuccio, known in the Sardinian language as “sa Baronia”, is located in the hinterland of the lower Sulcis. This ancient village jealously preserves the traces of its millennial past, offering visitors a journey through time.

Villaperuccio is famous for its extraordinary archaeological site of Montessu, a fascinating pre-Nuragic necropolis that testifies to human presence in this land from time immemorial, and the Menhir of “Luxia Arrabiosa” in the Terrazzu valley, standing 5 meters high.

menhir luxia arrabiosa - Villaperuccio Southwest Sardinia
domus de janas Villaperuccio Southwest Sardinia

The 40 rock-cut tombs make up the largest domus de Janus necropolis in southern Sardinia, and the evocative sculptures represent a unique cultural heritage, immersing visitors in the roots of Sardinian history.

Two monumental hypogeal tombs are present on the site: the “tomb of spirals” and the “tomb of horns”.

Furthermore, at the entrance of the village stands the 16th-century Church of Our Lady of Grace, while in the center, there are 40 nuraghi and a hut from the Bronze Age.

Church of madonna delle grazie Villaperuccio Southwest Sardinia
sunset at Villaperuccio Southwest Sardinia

In addition to its historical heritage, Villaperuccio offers the opportunity to explore the surrounding pristine nature. Panoramic walks make this place perfect for nature lovers and those seeking outdoor adventures.

The authentic charm of Villaperuccio is complemented by the warm welcome of its local community and the Sardinian culinary tradition that will delight your senses.

Savor the genuine flavors of local cuisine and let yourself be carried away by the pristine beauty of Villaperuccio, a treasure to discover in the heart of Sulcis Iglesiente.