Village with a mysterious name and agricultural culture

Musei, whose name’s origin remains unknown today, is a hidden gem in Iglesiente, a place where history, tradition, and culture merge to create an authentic and unforgettable experience. Since the 1600s, the Jesuits, in addition to their religious and cultural activities, significantly contributed to the local agriculture by promoting the cultivation of wheat and vineyards, as well as animal husbandry. In the 18th century, Musei was one of the most important centers on the island for agriculture and livestock. This legacy has played a role in shaping the strong agro-pastoral tradition that still characterizes Musei today.

But Musei’s history doesn’t start with the Jesuits. Evidence of human settlements dates back to ancient times and is documented by nuraghi and Phoenician and Roman artifacts. Near the old village of Arruinalis, you can discover the foundations of ancient buildings, offering a fascinating journey through time. Musei is a place where deep historical roots blend with the fertility of the land, creating a welcoming and charming environment. Visiting this locality is a unique opportunity to discover a lesser-known but equally fascinating part of Sardinia.