Guarded in a valley of authenticity and beauty

Vallermosa, nestled in a valley between two watercourses, the Rio Pau and the Gora Manna, is close to the massif of Mount Linas and preserves a rich history that can be felt in the air.

Vallermosa offers an authentic and unforgettable experience for visitors seeking authenticity and beauty: its name testifies to this, as it is composed of “valle” and “hermosa”, which in Spanish means “beautiful”.
Situated amidst green hills, Vallermosa is a destination that harmoniously embraces tradition and modernity.

Its cobbled alleys lead to picturesque views, where you can savor local cuisine in characteristic restaurants, in a welcoming and genuine atmosphere. Vallermosa is also part of the National Association of Oil Cities, with the task of enhancing this local product.

History enthusiasts will be fascinated by the evidence of the past that characterizes the village, from ancient churches to picturesque historic buildings.
Not to be missed is the neoclassical-style church dedicated to Saint Lucifer, Bishop of Cagliari, dating back to the 17th-18th century, which is also the parish church. In the surrounding areas, you can find the sanctuary of Santa Maria, an ancient rural church.

For those seeking contact with nature, Vallermosa offers numerous hiking trails through forests and landscapes that will capture the heart: in particular, Mount Linas, a mountain massif with streams and waterfalls, canyons, and rocky cliffs, and Gutturu Mannu Park, a canyon crossed by a stream and surrounded by one of the largest wooded areas in Italy.

In these places, you will also find unique wildlife, such as fallow deer, Sardinian deer, and golden eagles.